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Hi Everyone!
Hope everyone is well! Its super cold at the moment here in Sydney so I am writing this letter in my onesie with three layers of fluffy socks on over the top! Brrrrrr
I really wanted to take the time out to get in touch with you all and address a few matters of concern and also share some excitement with you!
Firstly, I really want to thank everyone that has supported Dollboxx from day one. We celebrated our very first birthday last month and what a year it was! We have grown so much and had so many changes and challenges over our first year. We definitely didn’t expect that we would take our home based fashion business that started in our garage, packing orders and running to the post office, to a global brand with a large warehouse that ships out thousands of orders every month, within the space of only one year. We have been able to kick some major goals and it has all been with the support of you guys and for this we are forever grateful! Thank you so much.
Okay, so yes, we have been experiencing some, let's say ‘teething’ issues that we are in the process of sorting out so that we can continue to provide you all with what you want and how you want it. Honestly, we grew too big too quick! Lol We are dedicated to creating and adapting our brand and business to what our beautiful customers want and with all of your honest feedback on different areas of the brand, we have been able to trial, analyse, adapt and improve these areas to cater to your needs.
Some of the identified areas of concern that we are currently addressing based on your feedback are as follows;
We introduced our PRE-SALES system last year when we had a large demand from customers that kept missing out on their fav styles every time we did a restock as we continually sell out so crazy fast every time. We had many of these customers asking if they could ‘PRE-ORDER’ and pay for their fav styles before they arrive at our warehouse so that they could secure these items. We trialled this initially and it was a great success! We continued to allow for a certain amount of stock to be available for ‘PRE-ORDER’ every time that we did a restock or a new style launch so that customers were always able to get in first and avoid the disappointment of missing out due to the fast selling nature of our items. Even though this system does work out great for a lot of customers that understand the way ‘PRE-ORDERS’ work and they read all of the information regarding pre-sales and the wait times etc, there are still a lot of customers that have been making these orders and not realising that these items are not in stock which can sometimes cause a great deal of stress for the customer as they are expecting to have received the ‘PRE-ORDER’ item within 7 days (if they selected Express International shipping) Also, if a customer orders a ‘PRE-ORDER’ and they select STANDARD International shipping (up to 4 weeks) this makes for such an extremely long wait for the items, as the shipping time is additional to the pre-order wait time. Also, there can sometimes be production delays or manufacturing matters that can affect the production time of our items which then , in turn affects the customers waiting for these items…Needless to say, the ‘PRE-ORDERS’ have become somewhat an overall stress party for customers and our customer service team in regards to issues that revolve around the PRE-SALE system. As our company has grown so much more since our first PRE-SALE launch, we are no longer able to offer a smooth streamlined system for PRE-SALES so once our current pre-sales are all fulfilled, we will no longer be offering public PRE-SALES in the future. Only IN-STOCK items will be available for purchase and we will be dedicated to being able to supply a fast turnaround time for stock replenishments.
We have had a lot of requests in regards to sizing for different styles in our range. We have just recently implemented a new sizing structure for our BIKINI BOTTOMS. Based on majority of customer feedback, our bikini bottoms were running slightly ‘big’ and our smaller sized customers were struggling to get a size that would be a snug fit for their frame. Our recent stock replenishment is with our NEW sizing for our bottoms. We will be publishing a size guide and size measurements on our website to assist you guys, but basically the bikini bottoms are now sized as follows:
XS – 4-6 (Australian size)
S – 8 (Australian size)
M – 10 (Australian size)
L – 12 (Australian size)
We will soon be launching larger sizes in our bottoms as well, but we needed to sort out the size structure first before expanding the size range. There will still be some of our older sizes in stock. If you do have any issues with sizing when placing your order or after receiving your order, we will gladly assist you with exchanging them for the right size and /or advising on the best size option.
The DOUBLE STRAP BRAZILIAN BIKINI TOPS – these tops are frequently being exchanged or receiving feedback for being too small. These tops were designed to have the ‘minimal coverage / Brazilian style’ look. They are an ‘itsy’ bikini top for a more exposed look, however a lot of customers order them with the impression that they will provide a fuller coverage. This is a bit of a problem for our more bustier customers. We do try and provide as much size info about these being a ‘small fit’ on the website to help customers choose a size. But based on what you guys want, we will be increasing our style and size range to include fuller coverage bikini tops and underwire bikini tops in these prints to accommodate our bustier gals :)
We are currently in the process of implementing a much easier/customer friendly returns process. We no longer will be charging any fees for processing returns/exchanges. We are also looking at implementing a more cost effective way for our international customers to be able to send back sizes that don’t fit etc. We will be posting our new returns system online as soon as it is available. Obviously, any customers that receive faulty items, there is no cost to the customer and full reimbursement is always offered :) As we do have items produced in such large bulk quantities, there can be some items that can slip through with minor production faults :( These items will always be reimbursed and forwarded onto our beautiful seamstress ladies to help prevent/reduce future production hiccups.
These would be our main areas of concern. If you have any other areas of concern or anything that you would like to discuss with myself in regards to the above issues or anything at all that you think would help improve your experience with our brand, I would LOVE to hear from you personally and have a chat :)
Okay now for some excitement! Hehe
We have just kicked off our BRAND AMBASSADOR program! Yeeha! We have selected girls from all over the world to start representing our brand! We will soon be introducing these beautiful girls to you via our social media channels and website, make sure you check them out! If you think you would like be one of our next BRAND AMBASSADORS and join our family as we continue to develop our brand and grow, I encourage you to send through your details! :)
My FAVOURITE part! We have so many exciting new bikini styles, prints and ranges that we will be launching over the coming months :D! We are dedicated to provide you guys with bright, bold and fun, unique styles! I cannot wait to share these with you all!
Also, we have sleep wear, underwear and gym wear ranges being finalised for release as we speak!
We will also start having all of our swimwear items embellished with a silver slimline signature ‘dollboxx’ stainless steel embellishments to start taking it up a notch :P These will be applied to all of our styles as they are replenished and new styles are launched.
I am also in the process of designing better protective packaging for our pieces to keep everything in tip top condition as it travels to you! The shipping carriers can be so rough and careless sometimes so I am putting together packaging that will hopefully be courier man-proof! Haha
Okay babes,
That’s all from me for now. Sorry for rambling on but I really wanted to take the time out to send a personal message from myself. I would love to know your honest thoughts and opinions so please don’t be shy :D
Oh, also, if anyone has any great home remedies for fighting off a winter cold please share with me! Haha (snotty nose)
Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead!
Much love
Sarah Elizabeth
CEO/Co Founder
Insta: @sarahsquarah


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