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      Pineapple Bikini, Pineapple Swimwear

      Pineapple bikini swimwear available now with Dollboxx, available for delivery Australia-wide and all over the world.

      Our stylish new pineapple swimsuit range will help you show off your style at the beach in confidence and unleash your inner DOLL.

      Whether you're looking for a small or large size pineapple bikini top, whichever your preference, we have a wide range of sizes and colours. If you're looking for a bold and confident look, then look no further, pick up a pineapple print bikini and use our express options for faster and prompt delivery.

      If you purchase a pineapple bikini Australia and internationally, and want to grab a free voucher, simply take a picture of your sneaky new pineapple swimwear and use hashtag #ilovedollboxx and let us know at @dollboxx, and we'll send a free shopping voucher your way.

      4 reviews

      Mega Boost Bikini Top - Perfect Pineapple

      $35.99 AUD
      4 reviews

      Slide Triangle Bikini Top - Perfect Pineapple

      $35.99 AUD