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      Watermelon Bikini, Watermelon Swimwear - Melon Crush

      Watermelon bikinis by Dollboxx available Australia-wide and internationally

      Our beautiful watermelon bikini prints are bold, confident, and comfortable, letting you rock up to the beach in style and make a lasting impression.

      Featuring a colourful and unique design, our watermelon swimwear are not only stylish and fashionable, they are hard-wearing and built to last.

      If you want to ship your watermelon bikini Australia-wide or internationally, we have express shipping options to get you your pair as fast as possible.

      And if you purchase any of these watermelon swimwear online and want to grab yourself a free Dollboxx voucher, simply upload a photo on Instagram with your new top with hashtag #ilovedollboxx and let us know at @dollboxx, and we'll send a free shopping voucher your way!

      8 reviews

      Flaunt It Cheeky Bottoms - Melon Crush

      $29.99 AUD
      2 reviews

      Reversible Adjustable Bralette Bikini Top - Melon Crush

      $35.99 AUD$39.00 AUD