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What is an Affiliate/Brand Ambassador?

  • As a Dollboxx brand ambassador, you will be able to earn yourself extra cash whilst promoting our products through your social media or any other methods you prefer.
  • Ambassadors will be able to order discounted styles for themselves to show off!
  • High performing ambassadors will be rewarded with FREE products!
  • Each ambassador will receive 15% of EVERY sale that is made through them.
  • Each ambassador will also have their own unique discount code that they can promote to the public to use when shopping


How does it work?

We use a software program to keep everything nice and organized with our Affiliates and automate the payment and tracking of sales etc.

To become an Affiliate of Dollboxx you will need to fill out the application form to return to us. Pending approval we will send you instructions on how to join our affiliate network and a complete set up guide.

Download Application Form

Further detailed instructions for setting up with Dollboxx and joining our affiliate network are detailed in our set up guide, which you will be sent once your application is approved.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. 

Looking forward to working together soon, 

Kind regards