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This young, ambitious, fit and slightly crazy couple are the dynamic duo behind the fast-growing international label, Dollboxx.

When this young couple came together, they knew that great things were going to be achieved... and they were right!

Not only do they have a successful international brand together, that they both work on and continue to grow together everyday! They also are each others daily training partner at the gym, travel buddies, lovers, each others mentors and above all, best friends. Having so much invested in one another at times is not easy, but they are continually proving that it sure is worth it. This power couple has proven to be unstoppable (and adorable as ever :P)

With creative minds and such extreme passion for success in business and every aspect of their lives together, these two go-getters have set out to create a brand and business that represents their passion for life. 

Dollboxx is not just about the cute fun products that Sarah has designed, which are a true  expression of her personality; bright, fun, cheeky and playful! But also about creating shared experiences from their Dollboxx community that they have created all over the world, sharing their moments of confidence, happiness and fun whilst experiencing the Dollboxx brand. It is these shared experiences that mean the most to Sarah and Matt and are what makes all the hard work and time dedicated to growing and expanding the brand so much more rewarding!

Sarah and Matt started off with just the two of them and their passion towards their vision . They both had limited knowledge in E-Commerce, Digital Marketing, Web Design and Development and Logistical Processes (basically everything that would be the foundations of their proposed business model).
Despite many people being far from positive or enthusiastic about their ideas, they persisted anyway...

As the brand was established, orders were packed and shipped from the couples home in Sydney, Australia. Matt, being the tech guru of the two, focused on the development of the website platform and Sarah focused on the product development and designs. Together they both, very quickly, learnt what they needed in order to grow and expand their business and brand in order to start achieving their vision.

As the brand exposure grew through social media and the order volume increased to a rate that was not able to be handled by just 2 people in their home, whilst also maintaining customer service, advertising, sourcing manufacturers, product design, maintaining the website, social media platforms, software integrations and work full time jobs...It was time to grow. They moved all of their stock to a warehouse and established their logistical chain which enabled them to break into the international market. Upon doing so, the demand grew so great that their current warehouse team could not keep up, so it was time to up-scale to an even larger warehouse. They started to develop an amazing team of warehouse staff and customer service representatives. This has now given Sarah the opportunity to focus on improving product designs, designing new styles and expanding the Dollboxx brand. Matt now has more time to focus on business growth and expansion. They now ship thousands of orders all around the world every month.

"We have both learnt and adapted very quickly and I have to say being able to look at what we have created from nothing is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done and despite driving each other crazy EVERY SINGLE DAY, there's no other person I would rather have achieved all of this with." -Matt

Sarah and Matt  love to engage with their community from all over the world so if you want to say hello or share anything with them make sure you do!

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You can also follow their personal Instagram page and see what they are up to: @sarahsquarah